“The Outward Evidence Of Inward Salvation”

The Outward Evidence Of Inward Salvation
Philippians 2:12-13

Introduction: Dr. Harry Ironside was speaking before a group of folks one day. He noticed a man writing something on a piece of paper. The man, Arthur Lewis, brought it up to Ironside while he was speaking.  Lewis was an agnostic who went around lecturing on that subject.
On the piece of paper was written a challenge: a debate on agnosticism Vs Christianity.

Dr. Ironside read the challenge out loud to the group of people and said: “I accept your challenge under these conditions. 
1st – you must promise to bring with you, to the platform, one man who was an outcast and a slave to sinful habits, but heard you or some other infidel lecture on agnosticism and was helped to the point he cast away his sins, became a new man, and is today, a respected member of society, all because of your unbelief.

2nd – you must agree to bring with you, one woman who was once lost to all purity and goodness, but who can now testify that agnosticism came to her rescue while deep in sin and implanted in her poor heart, a hatred of impurity and a love of holiness, causing her to become chaste and upright, all through a disbelief in the Bible.
Now sir ( he went on to say) if you agree, I promise to be there with 100 such men and women, once lost souls who heard the Gospel of the Grace of God and have found new life and joy in Jesus Christ our savior. Will you accept my terms?
Arthur Lewis walked away in silence.

I.  In a day of abundant agnostic reasoning’s  and a focus on self-help, you MUST recognize that God is the reason you are here today. God is the one who will transform you into the image of  His Son, Jesus Christ.
    A. The primary purpose for your life is NOT to learn more about you
         1. The primary purpose for your life is to know God and to become
              like His Son, Jesus Christ.
         2. As you learn more about Jesus, your life will begin to change and   you will experience Spiritual renewal and have satisfaction
         3. I read about a lady who said “I finally got in touch with my inner
             self, and she is just as confused as I am.”
    B. Getting to know yourself better and getting to know others more, is   NOT what brings peace, joy, happiness and satisfaction
         1. the KEY to a renewed life is getting to know the Lord more.
             Acts 17:28 & Phillippians. 3:10
         2. When we experience real fellowship with the Lord, all of our other  relationships will be renewed

II. Having A Desire To Be Renewed
     A. Spiritual renewal is God working from the inside to the outside
         Philippians 2:13
     B. God continues His working as we yield to Him
          1. Romans 6:19
          2. God draws us to Him, but He leaves the choice to you, whether
               you follow or not.
     C. The Holy Spirit gives us the desire to know God – attend church,
           witness to folks about Jesus Christ, etc.
          1. the question is: Will I yield to the Holy Spirit’s working in my life?
          2. Galatians 5:16-17
     D. The flesh wants to drag you back to the old ways, old habits, wrong  desires etc.
          1. God did not save us to live in the sins and sinful ways He saved
               us from
          2. He saved you so you can follow the Spirit’s leading everyday in
               your life
          3. He saves folks so that He can change you into the image of Christ

III. Seeking To Be Renewed  –  Psalm 105:4
       A. Spiritual growth requires diligent study of God’s Word and
            1. The Christian life requires something – that we diligently seek
                God  Deuteronomy 4:29
            2. God also promises to reward our seeking
       C. Spiritual growth requires devotion – Matthew 22:37
            1. people have a busy schedule
            2. many have a lack of discipline or lack organization – because
                they do not love the Word of God
            3. Our days get busy & God gets crowded out of our schedule
            4. We MUST give Him 1st priority in our lives every day
                Psalm 34:10
                a. God says “I’m still here”
                b. “If you seek me, I will give you what you need.”

Conclusion: The emphasis in the Christian life – should NOT be about finding yourself – NOT about finding more principles – (we have more than we can apply) The Christian life is about bringing glory to God  becoming more like Jesus – seeking Him and finding His will and doing it.

Taking the time to fellowship with the Lord on a daily basis.
The person who lives in selfish desires and sinful habits, has no joy. 
The Lord invites you to abide with Him constantly – to include Him in every decision in your life – call on Him for every need – trust in Him for every provision – follow Him in every circumstance.

The Lord desires you to be with Him all day long – YET – He leaves the choice to you.

God will not force you to spend time with Him.   Salvation is more than forgiveness of sins and an escape from hell – it is living a transformed life here on this earth. Let Him shape you – mold you – transform you into the image of His Son.  You need God’s strength to change you.

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