NOTES On John’s Gospel Chapter # 15

John Chapter 15

Vs 1: This was given by Jesus on His way to the garden.

Here, again, we find the “I AM.”  Jehovah God is the great I AM and Jesus was God in the flesh. Because of this fact, He could be truthfully say “I AM the true vine.

The word “true” is found in many other passages of Scripture.

John 1:9: He is the true LIGHT.

John 6:32: He is the true BREAD.

Hebrews 8:2: Jesus is a minister of the sanctuary.

Minister = benefactor;   Sanctuary = the holiest of all;  the “true” tabernacle (habitation) which was made by God.

Vs 1: The word “true” is used in the present tense. It is not used as in opposition to false; but that Christ was the perfect, sinless, righteous, holy, essential and enduring reality of which all other vines are only types and shadows.

The “vine” is a perfect representation of Christ, together with believers, bringing forth “fruit” to the glory of God the Father.

Vs 1: In the Old Testament, Israel is referred to as a “vine.”  Isaiah 5:1,2 & 7.

Psalms 80:8-9 Israel is referred to as a “vine.”

Israel, as a “vine” failed. Jesus, as the “TRUE VINE,” did not fail.

Hosea 10:1, “Israel is an empty vine, he bringeth forth fruit unto himself:”

Israel, the Old Testament, failed miserably, but the “true vine,” Jesus, came to “fulfill” the Law and He did so in every way:  Matthew 5:17.

Jesus used the vine, branches and the husbandman as an illustration. He did so to reveal to the limited capacity of people, the “truth.”

Jesus wants us to know the “truth” concerning the connection between Himself and believers and our Heavenly Father.

Bearing fruit and our spiritual life, depends upon our union with the Lord Jesus Christ, through the miracle of the New Birth and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Up to this time, Israel was the vine. All who worshipped God, could worship as they were “grafted” into the vine = Nation of Israel.

All others were strangers and without hope. Now, Jew and Gentile, both must be saved by grace; connected to the vine through the miracle of the “New Birth” and the Holy Spirit.

Now, Jesus is the “true vine” and all other vines were only types and shadows of Him.

Jesus teaches His disciples and Christians of today, that the vine is the source of its branches, so is Jesus the source of our spiritual life. Believers are entirely dependent upon Him as He lives in each and every saved person.

Because He lives, we live.

Vs 1: “ … my father is the husbandman.”

God the Father takes the same interest and care in us as the keeper of the vineyard (husbandman), takes for the vines and branches in his vineyard.

The husbandman continually watches over it; prunes; fertilizes and cares for the branches.

In the same way, God, our Heavenly Father, continually watches over us and cares for us through His Son, Jesus Christ. He supplies our spiritual life and our every need.

Since God is doing all of this for us, we should bring forth fruit and much fruit to glorify Him.

In the Old Testament, God the Father is seen as the owner of the vineyard.

In the New Testament, He is presented to us as the husbandman.

Husbandman = means one who has the care of a vineyard; whose office it is to nurture, trim, and defend the vine, and who of course feels a deep interest in its growth and welfare.

Jesus wants us to understand God’s love: 1. For His only begotten Son  2. For believers.

Christ took the form of a servant and He depended upon God the Father who watched over and protected the Son.

Since God the Father so loved the TRUE vine, we now have Divine assurance the He also loves the branches.  This is proved by his watch care of caring for the branches that we might be fruitful.


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