“How To Be Happy In Spite Of Yourself”

Intro: People search for happiness in various ways and in various means. Modern day “Religion,” has brought forth many books, articles and studies on how to find happiness.

People yearn for peach and satisfaction as well as social acceptance from their peers.

Religious people tend to look for answers inside of a “religion.” When their ‘religion” does not supply those answers and they do not get what they are looking for, they get discouraged.


Many religions promise; “give till it hurts and become rich.”  Others promise a false hope of faith and happiness by following man; emotionalism; or a certain philosophy.

The Bible gives hope; not a “self-help” book; and not man’s philosophies and false religions.


I.   The Promise Of Happiness

     A. Blessed is the man … Psalm 1:1 (blessed means happy)

     B. He is to be like a tree planted ….  Vs 3

          1. It was planted.

          2. not growing wild – this shows discipline

     C. Planted by rivers of water – Vs 3

          1. A place of continual food and nourishment

          2. Spiritual food – Jesus is Living Water

          3. The Word of God is spiritual food for the Christian

     D. Brings forth fruit in season

          1. brings forth patience in the time of suffering

          2. faith in the day of trial

          3. holy joy in the hour of prosperity

          4. fruitfulness is an essential quality of a gracious

              man, and that fruitfulness should be seasonable  

          5. fruit is also souls

          6. this verse shows that a Godly person will grow

              spiritually – will produce fruit –

              Will have a continual feast with the lord (planted by

              the rivers)

          7. Notice Vs 3 – his fruit – his season 

              a. this means – your fruit,  not somebody else’s

              b. your season –  Ecc. 3:1 To every thing there is a


     E. His leaf shall not wither – Vs 3

          1. Leaves and fruit are the evidences of a productive


              The same with a Child of God

          2. A tree without leaves and fruit is cut down

          3. storms and drought will not affect this tree

              a. It is “planted” = grounded in the faith of God’s


              b. It has a continual source of nourishment and

                  stability = by the water

These words promise happiness, peace, stability and productivity  to those who allow themselves to be grounded in God’s Word; who feed upon His Word; be productive, serve, become useful servants to the Lord. However, there are certain conditions that we must meet before the promised results are realized.



II.  God’s Conditional Promises for Happiness

     The   Bible, God’s Word, gives real hope: 

     Colossians 2:8.    Psalms 1
     A.  Don’t walk in  the counsel of the ungodly – Vs 1
 B.     Ungodly   people are an unstable people – Vs 4
         1. chaff is worthless
         2. they are carried by the wind – blown away
         3. they are restless and unquiet; they don’t have a firm

         4. Isaiah 57:20-21
 C.     The ungodly shall not stand in judgment – Vs 5
         1. Stand = be acquitted
         2. When they come to be judged, they shall be

         3. They will have no one or nothing to plead in their

             behalf – Hebrews 7:26
 D.    The ungodly shall perish – Vs 6
        1. they will die and also suffer the second death 

            Revelation 21:8
        2. they may “think” their punishment is in this life – but

            not so
 E. Make sure your foundation for happiness is based on the

     only One  who can provide it
       1. Ephesians 2:20;  I Corinthians 3:11;
       2. the wisdom of the world system is a great powerful

           a. it brings error
           b. it brings unhappiness
               II John 1:7;  I John 5:19; I John 2:17; I Cor. 1:20; I

               Cor. 3:19

  F.   Hope for happiness
        1. I Corinthians 2:16 – a new mind   
        2. A new heart – Hebrews 8:10 & 10″16
        3. A new person – II Cor. 5:17
        4. It now becomes possible to be happy as a Christian

        People search for happiness in various ways and in       various means. Modern day   “Religion,” has brought

          forth  many books, articles and studies on “How To Find


          People yearn for peace and satisfaction as well as social

         acceptance from their  peers. 

         Religious people tend to look for answers inside of a

        “religion.” When their ‘religion” does not supply those

         answers and they do not get what they are looking for, they

         get discouraged.

         Many religions promise a false hope of faith and happiness

         by following man; emotionalism; or a certain philosophy. 

         The Bible gives hope; not a “self-help” book; and not man’s

          philosophies and false religions.


III.  Second – Don’t Stand In The Way Of Sinners

       A. Stand = Bottom line – “don’t have a relationship with


            1. don’t abide with sinners

            2. establish yourself with

            3. serve or tie yourself up with

                Proverbs 13:20 – I Cor. 15:33

            4. What about Jesus? He ate with sinners?

                a. the purpose was to show them the way of salvation

                b. His purpose was not to be “buddy Buddy” or pal

                    around with them.   

           5. When a man has given place to evil counsel, or to his

               own sin nature, he begins to forget himself in his sin,

               and falls into contempt of God, which is called the seat

               of the scorners.

       B. Sinners – Proverbs 4:14-19

            1. could be folks that are dishonest

            2. immoral; drinker; covetous;

            3. even though we, too, are sinners. Saved sinners are

                blood washed sinners.

                Now, we have a broader choice of friends then before

                we were saved.

            4. You tend to take on the characteristics of the people

                you maintain

                relationships with

            5. The old adage: “birds of a feather flock together”  You

                are known by the company you keep.                 

       C. The Contrast

            1. A saved person has been changed from a dark life

                style to light 

                Ephesians 5:8-11

            2. The council that we embrace leads us to associate

                with others of like mind.

                a. this leads us to be immersed into their life style

                b. this shows the council and the relationships that we


            3. What we believe determines how we think

            4. What we think dictates what we do

            5. What we do, dominates our life

            6. we reap what we sow – Galatians 6:7

                a. if we “stand” with sinners – we will ultimately live

                    their lifestyles

                b. we will also participate in their reaping


       Remember …. People are searching for peace.

       When their “religion” doesn’t supply those answers and they

       don’t get what they

       are looking for, they get discouraged. “Self-help” books do

       not offer real hope.

       The Bible, God’s Word, gives real hope:  Colossians 2:8.


I     II. Don’t   Sit  In The Seat Of The Scornful – Psalms :1:1
           A.  A scorner doesn’t listen to rebuke – Proverbs 13:1
                a. Scornful = a mocker
                b. scorners are folks who will not listen to instruction
           B.  A scorner seeks wisdom and doesn’t find it – Proverbs

           C.  A scorner doesn’t   love the one who corrects him –

                Proverbs 15:12
      D. Cast out a scorner – Proverbs 22:10
      E. Scorners  are an abomination – Proverbs 24:9 –

          abomination = disgusting
           a. scorners disgusts just about everyone
           b. scorners scoff and mock – they try to make us listen to

               words that are not true.
           c. scorners make fun of Godly people and are usually

               negative people.
           d. scorners usually are against about everything and talk

               down the  positive
     F.   Seat of scornful
           1. seat = to dwell; to stay awhile
           2. to associate with
     G.  The happy Christian avoids the seat of the scornful
           1. the happy Christian  is  involved in learning 

               Psalms 1:2
           2. Psalms 119:165 – God’s Word brings peace

               Conclusion: Ungodly council doesn’t come close to the

               Scriptures. It is focused on common wisdom.  God’s

               Word promises Christians happiness of stability;

               productivity and success. 

 IV. Happiness In God’s law

       A. Be  active in learning righteous instruction

            1. Psalms 119:165

                Godly counsel is far better than worldly or

                common counsel

            2. Jeremiah 17:7-8 & Psalms 92:12-15

                The Word of God is stability. It is a promise that

                secures us in the times of adversity and lasts into

                productive  older years.

       B. Be  a productive Christian

            1. Psalms 1 promises a threefold happiness

                a. peace and stability (the tree by the water)

                b. productivity (fruit and a healthful leaf)

                c. success (what we do shall prosper)

                    (1) this is growing stronger in His grace

                    (2) blessings from the Lord

                    (3) spiritual maturity – Psalms 32:1-2

                    (4) simply put – Godly people are productive

            2. One of the most common causes of depression is

                feeling “worthless”

                a. no one person is “worthless” – God loves you –

                    Jesus died for you

                b. no one who has been saved is “worthless”  

                    God loves you and he has a plan for your life.  

                    Ephesians 2:10

                c. Focus on the only two things that are eternal

                    (1) the Word of God” (living & written) 

                    (2) souls of people (reach them for Christ)


       C.  Success for the Godly Christian

             1. the American dream calls for “success”

             2. Success in God’s eyes does not necessarily mean

                 “rich” “powerful”  “well known”

                 a. God may grant us material prosperity. Many

                     men in the Bible had riches.

                 b. God’s Word warns us against covetousness 

                     I Timothy 6:6-11   Philippeans 4:12-12

             3. if Godly success does not mean the things I can

                 identify with (money etc), how do I know if I am

                  happy or not?

                  a. it all goes back and ties in with Psalms 1 and

                      what “delights” a person. Ps 1:2

                 b. Proverbs 3:5-10 – written by King Solomon

                     Psalms 37:3-5 – King David


When we observe the common sense of the Bible – look at God’s wonderful promises – stay away from people and things that are evil; turn to affection and attention to the Scriptures, then we will be a stable Christian.  Stable like the tree that is planted – roots sunk deep down into the rich soil that is watered very well. Our lives will bear fruit and we will take on Godly characteristics.

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