Old Testament Survey The Book Of Ruth

Introduction: The Book of Ruth is one of two Books of the Bible that has the name of a woman: Esther is the other one. Ruth is about a kind woman; a a Moabite, Gentile, that marries a Hebrew. This story takes place during the Judges. The timeline for Ruth is about the time of Judges chapter 3 and 4.
Ruth is the widow of Mahlon, the son of Elimelech Naomi.

What does Ruth represent? Ruth 4:17 & 22 – she symbolically brings all non Jews (gentiles) into the line of Messiah – Matthew 1:5. This means that the Gospel is for ALL people, not just a certain group of people.

CENTRAL MESSAGE: The Kinsman Redeemer
Divisions of the Book of Ruth
A. Choice – chap. 1

B. Response – chap. 2

C. Request – chap. 3

D. Reward – chap. 4

The reward of love: Ruth received a reward for her Godly love towards her mother in law. The reward was the kinsman redeemer: Boaz whois a picture or a type of Christ, our kinsman redeemer.

I. Requirement Of The Kinsman Redeemer
A. He MUST be willing; Lev. 25:25 – Galatians 4:4-5
B. He MUST have the RIGHT to redeem; Lev. 25:48-49
C. He MUST have the POWER to redeem; Ruth 4:4-6 – John 10:15-18

II. Application To Christ
A. The unnamed kinsman; Ruth 4:6 represents the Law – it is just and right but shows no
love nor mercy
B. The kinsman redeemer represents Christ – the expression of God’s love and mercy
Gal. 3:13-14 – Gal. 4:4-5
C. Christ was the only one willing and had the right and power to redeem us – both Jews and



II Timothy 1:2-5

Introduction: Mothers can have a tremendous influence on their children, and greatly motivate them

Abraham Lincoln once said, “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American poet, said, “Men are what their mothers made them.”

Daniel Webster, the American lawyer and politician, claimed that his masterful use of the English language was the result of his mother’s teaching.   Many great men and women owe their greatness to great mothers.

Mothers can have a tremendous impact in many areas of their children’s lives, especially in the area of spiritual growth

We can buy them a card – take them out to eat – buy some flowers etc. ALL greatly appreciated; BUT …. is it enough for JUST ONE TIME A YEAR?????

Evangelist D. L. Moody attributed all of his accomplishments to the influence of his mother.

Mother’s took care of us when we were helpless; they brought us into this world. Mothers sacrificed for us; they guided us through childhood.

I.  The Spiritual Influence of Mother’s and Grandmother’s

A. The Bible teaches that mothers can have a tremendous spiritual impact on their children

II Timothy 1:5

1. Timothy was an effective missionary, pastor, and evangelist

3. His accomplishments for the Lord, were, in part, due to the influence of his mother and grandmother

4. His mother and grandmother laid a sure spiritual foundation, on which young Timothy could build and develop his own spiritual life

5. they shaped his heart and mind, and prepared him for the work that the Lord had ordained for him

7. Timothy was not a self-made man, but he was nurtured on the knees of his mother, and at the feet of his grandmother

B. Paul took note of the sincerity of Timothy’s faith

1. The word “unfeigned” means not hypocritical

2. Paul identified Timothy’s faith as a genuine faith, the real thing, as opposed to a pretended faith. Sincere faith is the only true faith

3. He contrasts this kind of faith with an empty, temporary, or ineffectual faith by some. I Timothy 1:18-20

C. Timothy’s sincere faith had its roots in his  Godly heritage

1. Timothy had a spiritual family history

(a) his grandmother and mother laid the spiritual foundation for his faith

(b) his believing grandmother and mother, instructed him in the OT Scriptures, which prepared him for salvation

2. Not much is said about Timothy’s father. except that he was apparently an unbeliever –

Acts 16:1.  His mother’s faith shielded him from negative social influences on him so that in due time, a similar faith would spring up in Timothy

3. Godly heritage is vitally important, and has a priceless value and worth, in the lives of children

(a) the way moms and dads live their lives in the home, and the testimony they present to their family, has long-lasting effects on the lives of their children

(b) moms and dads can be a Godly  model for their children so that our children can be drawn to the Lord and receive Christ as their own personal Saviour

4. Our Godly heritage can be passed on to our children

(a) it is the greatest gift, as well as the supreme legacy, that we can give to our children.

(b)  material goods fail;  money never lasts; position and status will disappear, but a Godly heritage lives on

II.   The Salvation Of Children

A. Moms can have a tremendous ministry to their children, and it is never too late to start

1. moms and dads should take time to minister to their children

2. we live very busy lives, but if we view this as important, we can make the time to exert some spiritual influence on our children

3. will it matter if they do well financially in this world, but are spiritually poor

4. will we, when we stand before the Lord, have to wipe tears of regret from our eyes, for wrong emphasis, focus, and direction we provided our children

B. Many Christians have come to a saving knowledge of Christ, through the Godly witness and  testimony of their mother

III. Preparing Children for Christian service

A. Mothers can be instrumental in guiding their children

1. the highest vocation is that of Christian service

2. some Christians may not share this conviction

3. moms and dads often have grand dreams of their children becoming lawyers, doctors, politicians, etc.

4. I wonder  how many Christian parents have the desire for their son or daughter to enter into Lord’s work?

B. Parents should be proud of their children, when they enter into the Lord’s work; and parents  can be instrumental in guiding their children into that work

C. Let’s thank the Lord for our mothers, and for their faith  to greatly inspire us

Conclusion:  Let us pay honor to our mothers by serving the Lord.  Honor your mother by living a Christian life; by being an example to others.

Honor your mother by receiving Christ as your personal Saviour.