John 3:16

                             “He gave His only begotten Son”

Introduction: The word “gave” means “gave up.” God gave His Son to the world; But also for the world. We must think & realize just how horrible our sin is to require such a sacrifice, as God revealed to us, in the flesh of mankind.

I. His Giving Was A Free Gift

A. We don’t deserve it

B. We have no claim on it

C. It pleased God to give Himself, as Jesus, to die in our place & for our sins – I John 3:1

II. The Magnitude Of The Gift

A. John 3:16 “He gave …… Son.”

B. Its unending reach: He gave to a sinful world – Romans 5:8

C. God’s gift is impartial – ANYONE can receive it – Romans 10:13

III. God’s Gift Has Limits

A. Love is a mutual and binding grace between God and mankind

B. He will save ALL who come to Him by faith and receive Him

C. The limit = He will not save those who refuse Him – John 3:18 = the limit is set by us

IV. No Greater Gift Was Ever Given

A. He left the beauty and greatness of His Father’s throne – for a stable in Bethlehem

B. The Infinite became an infant

C. He left the riches of Glory for poverty on earth

D. He was tempted in every way that we are – hunger, grief, sadness, heartbreak

E. He suffered the shame of being beaten – spit on – A crown of thorns & iron spikes and a deadly spear

F. He tasted death for you and me. Jesus, the One without sin – became our sin bearer

G. He came – He toiled – He hungers and thirsts He weeps – He suffers – He bleeds and dies

“For God so loved the world, that He gave (gave up) His only begotten Son

Conclusion: God’s giving is different than ours. We tend to give so we can get – God gives so we can get. God gives out of pure love. Our giving has limits (how much we can pay) God’s giving has no limits. We usually give to friends. God gives to those who really don’t care about Him, Romans 5:6. We give and want folks to appreciate our efforts and the gift we gave them. God offers His gift to those who don’t appreciate it & don’t even realize their need for it. Such Love – Such giving – the greatest gift of all.

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