Full Of The Holy Ghost

Acts 7:55

 The Bible, in the New Testament, teaches about being FULL of the Holy Ghost. Let’s briefly explore this area and see what this means.

 Acts 7:55 –  Stephen was FULL of the Holy Ghost.

This takes us back to Acts 2:4 – they were all FILLED with the Holy Ghost.

Meaning: They were entirely under his sacred influence and power.

To be filled with anything is a phrase denoting that all the faculties are pervaded by it, engaged in it, or under its influence.

the fullness  of a vessel – the vessel is the saved person

the fullness of a stream or of a fountain – Colossians 2:9-10

John 7:38 – 39

Acts 8:29 Phillip obeyed the leading of the Holy Spirit

Examples: Acts 3:10 – Were filled with wonder and amazement;

Acts 5:17 – Filled with indignation

Acts 13:45 – Filled with envy

Acts 13:52 – Filled with joy, and with the Holy Ghost

Acts 6:5 – persons that were extraordinarily assisted by the Spirit to perform the duties required of them. Notice full of FAITH and of the HOLY GHOST; also Acts 11:24

Romans 15:16 – sanctified by the Holy Ghost:

Sanctify = purify or consecrate; be made acceptable or approved for use

The sacrifice was prepared or made fit to be an offering

The apostle says that the offering of the Gentiles was rendered holy, or fit to be offered, by the converting and purifying influences of the Holy Spirit.

In Jewish Ceremonial law, offerings were prepared, by salt and frankincense. With the sacrifice of Christ, the saved are sanctified or made acceptable by the cleansing influences of God’s Spirit.

to be “FILLED,” we first must be made empty – I Corinthians 15:31

Romans 8:36 – “killed all the day long” = The Apostle Paul teaches: I endure so many sufferings and persecutions, that it may be said to be a daily dying.

II Corinthians 4:10: “Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.”

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