“God’s Great Love”

God’s Great Love Ephesians 2:1-9


Intro: Two great themes run through this passage of Scripture:

1. What we were   

2. What God did for us

These 2 great themes bring out the greatness of His love – so, let us remember what we were and what God has done for you.


I.    What We Were  vs 1-5

      A. Dead in sins

           1. sin had us in its clutches

           2. dead refers to a corpse; a dead corpse stinks

      B. On the road to hell

      C. Disobedient to God

      D. No power in us to serve God — we were dead in


      E. Without will or desire to come to God

      F. No desire for holiness

      G. Vs 2 Those dead in sins are described as walking =

           living etc.

           1. following the path of sin and destruction

           2. Following the road to hell – deceived by the devil

           3. vs 3 Going where we wanted to go – doing what

               pleases ourselves rather than pleasing God. 

               Without regard for God and His Word.

           4. We were ungrateful; complaining; filled with

               sinful pride; deceptive; not heeding spiritual


           5. hell seemed like a fairy tale

      H. We were undeserving of God’s love


II.  What God Did For Us  Vs 4-6

      A. Vs 4  Through it all – God still loves us

      B. Vs 5  Even though we were dead in sins – sin is

           opposed to God and His righteousness

           God still loved us in spite of ourselves

      C. I John 4:7-10

           1. vs 9  manifested = opened to sight, made visible

               This is a never ending love; an unshakable love

           2. vs 10 God loved us 1st – even when we did not

               love Him – He loves you

               Hebrews 13:5b “I will never leave thee nor

               forsake thee.”

             3. vs 10  I John 2:1-2  “propitiation” = sacrifice.

                 Christ dies in your place for your sins

           4. Ephesians 2:6 He raised us up together with


           5. Ephesians 2:8-9 He offered salvation; Jesus died

               for your sins and my sins

           6. He arose from the grave; He conquered death –

               hell – the grave. Why? Because He loves  us,

               when we were undeserving; He wants folks to be

               saved – to live for Him – to serve  Him


III. What Will You Do For Jesus In Return?

      A. Receive Him as your personal Saviour 

           Romans 10:9-10 & 13

      B. Follow Him in beautiful believers baptism

      C. Live for the Lord

      D. Please Him in little things as well as in big things

      E. Serve Him – prove your love by being obedient

      F. Love Him back – if not – it becomes a one sided


      G. Tell others about God’s saving grace

      H. Give Jesus your best – not your 2nd best – BUT

           your best; everyday – always


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