Grace Of God

Law Vs Grace

Intro: When we study God’s Word on the topic of God’s Grace; we MUST realize just how unworthy that we really are.

We are imperfect at best and we have a sinful nature.

When you understand that you are accepted of God on the ground of the righteousness of Jesus Christ and not your own goodness and righteousness.

Then you can realize that your standing before God is in His righteousness and not you own. It is all about God; His Power; His grace; His forgiveness.

When you can believe and accept that very fact, then you will not have the problem of questioning yourself, whether or not you are really saved.

God’s Grace is something we do not deserve; but God offers it out of His love and mercy for you & me.

It is freely offered by God & you must freely receive it, if you want to have it.

I. The Law Curses the Sinner

A. You break God’s Law, you pay for it

1. Galatians 3:10 – God’s Law requires what no man can perform,

namely, perfect, uninterrupted, and perpetual obedience.

Dueteronomy 27:26

2. The curse becomes effective only when the law is broken.

3. Curse = The emphasis is on the word “continueth”

4. The person who continually breaks the Law have a curse upon them.

They placed it there upon themselves by their own disobedience

5. The one who breaks one of God’s Laws is guilty of breaking ALL of

them: James 2:10

6. The curse is placed on the Law breaker who does not yield entire

obedience to God’s law. Partial obedience cannot save from the

penalty that we must face.

II. Grace Cover The Law Breaker – Romans 4:7

A. Iniquities = violations of God’s Law

B. Sins are covered = are concealed; or hidden from the view.

Sins that God will no more look upon, and which he will no more


C. Covered = hidden, not forgiven

D. Forgiven = Pardoned Hebrews 10:17

1. Sins = an offense

2. Iniquities = Wickedness; breaking the law; unrighteousness

3. remember no more = God will not punish us for forgiven sins.

He will not hold them to our account.

E. Gods Grace, when you ask for forgiveness, allows God not to look

upon your sin that He has already forgiven.  He will not punish you             for what He has forgiven you of = GODS GRACE.

F. How many sins can God forgive you for?  Romans 5:20

III. God Gives The Saved Grace To Serve Him

A. The Law was engraved in stone: Exodus 24:12

B. Grace is given in your heart: II Corinthians 3:3

C. The Law is demanding: Joshua 7:25 (stoned Achan for breaking the

Law) Exodus 21:28-29

D. Gods grace is out of love to God: John 14:15; Luke 19:9-10;

II Timothy 1:9

1. Obeying God’s Word  is the fruit of  our love for Him

2. To obey without love is drudgery and slavery

3. The evidence of our love for God  is “willing obedience”

4. Gods Grace allows the saved to serve the savior from a heart                           filled with love and not of fear: I John 4:18

Grace gives you a willing, easy, and cheerful obedience; a pleasing and an acceptable obedience to God’s Word. He that is afraid of God, is afraid of punishment: but he that loves God, is afraid of offending God. God’s Law is “Heavy: God’s Grace is light.

True love to Jesus always shows itself by obedience to His Words, while all other love is onlylip service, and betrays the hypocritical heart.  Are we daily giving proof of our love to Jesus by obeying His Word?

1. Salvation

2. Baptism

3. Church services

4. Prayer

5. Bible reading

6. Telling others about Jesus

7. Giving of time; talents; money

All this can be accomplished successfully in the Grace of God without fear & without it being “hard” or burdensome.

That’s why Jesus said: Matthew 11:28

“Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

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