Gospel of John Chapter 21 Notes

Vs 4 is one of the greatest verses in the Bible.

Vs 1-2; This is after the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus showed Himself to His disciples, seven of them.

Seven, is God’s number of perfection. We are not told why, only seven.

Jesus was not with all of them all of the time, all day, every day.

Vs 3: They caught nothing.

Here is a fine example of self will. We see man trying to serve the Lord in mans own will = the flesh.

Peter: “I go a fishing.” The other disciples said: “We’re going with you.”

God did not tell Peter to go fishing; the Holy Spirit did not lead Peter to go fishing nor tell the disciples to go with Peter.

They were following self will and their own leadership.

They did not pray for God’s leadership.

Without His guidance, they did not know what to do. Self willed Peter declares he is going fishing & the rest went with him.

Here, we plainly see that wrong decisions in leadership will have an adverse effect on the ones who follow.

Leaders in the church are to give time to prayer and be sure of the direction of the Holy Spirit

so as not to lead the sheep astray.

There is nothing wrong with fishing; it was a way to provide a living.

The problem here, is that they should have been fishing for souls and not fish; this is what brought about their failure.

They were not in the will of God.

John 15:5: “…. For without me (Jesus) ye can do nothing.”

They fished all night and caught nothing = they labored in vain = a waste.

Vs 4: “But when the morning was now come …”

Morning is a new day.  The Bible has approximately 222 verses about the morning. Some are,  Psalms 30:5; 143:8

The morning = light; dawn … breaks the darkness.

There is little or no twilight in Palestine. When the sun disappears in the evening, it is suddenly dark. When the sun rises in the morning, it rises quickly, bringing sudden daylight.

They didn’t recognize Jesus: they were too busy in their old profession.

They had turned from serving the Lord & went back to the life they had before they followed Jesus.

Their minds, thoughts, focus etc was not on the Lord but on their own selves.

They were not expecting to see the risen Jesus; they were not aware of His presence.

How often are you in His presence and yet not be aware of it nor recognize Jesus?  He promises never to leave us.

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