Romans 8:14

Introduction: The Holy Spirit does many things. One thing He does, is to lead.

The question is:

1. Who does He lead?

2. Where does He lead?

3. Why does He lead?

I. Who Does The Spirit Lead?

A. Romans 8:14 – He leads the unsaved sinner to the saving knowledge of Christ 1. When you are saved, you will know you are saved – I John 5:13 2. Some turn Him away & refuse His salvation: Acts 26:27-28 Acts 24:25 ( it wasn’t convenient)

B. He leads the saved

1. To do His will

2. To reach the unsaved for Christ: Example: Acts 8:26 – Phillip & Ethiopian

3. The Spirit guided the saved a. Acts 21:24 – Paul NOT to go to Jerusalem, He wanted Paul to go to Macedonia

 Acts 8:5 – the Spirit led Paul to preach the Gospel there II.

Where Does The Spirit Lead?

A. I Peter 1:21 – To follow in the steps of Jesus.

B. If you & I were to follow the Steps of Jesus, where would they take us?

1. Luke 4:16 – Jesus always went to Gods House on the appointed day.

2. Jesus never missed worship for personal reasons – for selfish reasons – to play ball – go on a pic nic or to just stay home & rest. 3. Some folks say / think – I;m saved, I don’t need to go to church 

      a. The Bible teaches you don’t have to be in church to get saved 

      b. But the Spirit of God leads the Christian to go to Gods House and worship the Lord

      c. Hebrews 10:25 “assembly” = churching As Christians gather together in Gods House to worship, it is because you love the Lord so much for saving your soul. John 14:15 – If we really love the Lord, we will obey Him in everything. II Corinthians 2:9 (obedient in all things )

C. His Spirit would lead us into Gods Word

1. Gods Word gives strength – Psalms 119:28

2. Gods Word is spiritual food for your soul

3. Psalms 119:11 – It will help keep you from sin

4. Psalm 119:47; 67; 105 Led By The Spirit – cont’d

D. Holy Spirit will lead you to pray

1. Matthew 26:41

a. “spirit” = Gr. Holy Spirit

b. prayer can keep you from temptation

2. Romans 8:26 – Holy Spirit wants to be your prayer partner – to help you to pray

III. Why Does The Spirit Want To lead You?

A. He wants you to know the things of God – I Corinthians 2:12

B. He wants us to glorify God I Corinthians 6:20

C. He wants you to walk in the Spirit – Galatians 5:16

1. Walk = to live in – to follow – to be occupied with

2. Walking in the Spirit keeps us from going astray / falling into sin

D. The Holy Spirit wants you to do Gods will – I Peter 1:22

E. The Spirit wants you to have Gods richest blessings

F. he wants you to reach out to others & tell them about the saving power of Jesus Christ

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