“Loving Christ”

Loving Christ

Matthew 22:37


I.  If We Want To Live Above The World We Must Love Christ

    A.  God is concerned that our motives are right

          1. God commands us to love Him and live for Him with

              all our hearts

          2. The changes that take place outwardly in you,

              should come from an internal love and commitment

              from inside of us.

    B. Ephesians 4:19-21 – NOTE: Vs 20 “But ye have not so

        learned Christ;”

         1. Apostle Paul teaches that we need a true, Biblical

             relationship with Christ

         2. Christianity is NOT a system of religion but a good

             relationship with the person Jesus Christ

         3. Just as a marriage relationship begins with a

             wedding – a relationship with Christ begins with


             a. our love should grow and the relationship deepen

             b. The O.T. – in the Law teaches us to Love the Lord

                 Deuteronomy 6:5 –

                 Joshua 22:5 –  and all through the Bible and we

                 get toward the end of the scriptures Jude Vs 21

         4. First we meet the lord and then we come to

             love Him

             a. with that love comes the desire to put on the new

                 man   Ephesians 4:24

             b. with that love comes the desire to live for the

                 Lord (not self) and express His love to others in

                 this world

                1. A deep, abiding relationship with Jesus, will

                    give you victory over  mental and spiritual

                    darkness – Ephesians 6:12

                2. It will help you in your thinking – Phil. 2:5

                3. It will enlighten your understanding – Eph. 1:18

                    II Timothy 2:7

                4. Quicken your conscience – Hebrews 13:18

                5. Strengthen you to live for Jesus 

                    Colossians 1:11

    C.  The closer you get to Jesus the farther you get from

          the world= the unsaved way of  thinking and doing.

          1. Why do we need to be different than the world?

              a. I John 4:1, 3-5

              b. I Jn 5:19 (world / wickedness)

              c. II Jn Vs 7 (deceivers)

          2.You will be “different” from the way unsaved people

             think – act – talk

          3. You will begin to make a difference in the world

              around you


Conclusion: Remember – false religions corrupt – good churches get sidetracked, but Jesus Christ is the same (Heb. 13:8)  yesterday, today, forever.  I John 2:17 – the world will end but  the saved abides forever. The way of a Christian is a new and abundant life in Christ.

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