Gospel Of JOHN’S CHAPTER # 7 Notes

The Corn of Wheat

Vs 24: Life springs forth out of death. It is the same in the vegetable kingdom as with the spiritual kingdom. Jesus must die in order to be glorified. A wheat corn dies when it is changed in the ground and becomes the root of a           fruitful new plant.

Our Lord compares Himself to a grain of wheat: His death to a grain sown and  decomposed in the ground; His resurrection to the blade which springs up from the dead grain. The dying grain brings forth an abundance of fruit.

If the corn of wheat does not die, it remains a single seed. It can remain for years and be preserved, but it is useless there. It neither reproduces nor is good for food.

Jesus had to die and be placed in the grave before He could spring up into life  by the resurrection. This had to be done in order for Him to be the Savior, to give eternal life.

Though the body of our Lord died, there was still the germ, the quickening

power of the Divine, which re-animated that body and made salvation possibleby grace.

One died which produced untold numbers of people with eternal life.

Vs 25: To receive eternal life, there must be a death of the unbeliever; Galatians 2:20.  This involves self-denial.

“he that loveth his life …” The self-centered person. He loves self more than the will of God.

Here is a Biblical principle that brings victory in the Christians life.

Jesus gave His life and was exalted. The grain gives its live a hundred-fold.

When the Christian dies to self, they will bring souls to Christ.

The law of growth multiplies itself thirty; sixty or a hundred fold and continuesits multiplication into untold numbers. Matthew 13:23

“… shall lose it.” Literally or figuratively: destroy, die, lose, mar, perish.                  I Corinthians 15:31

Vs 26: The union with Christ is personal and vital.

To serve means to be a disciple: a follower and a learner.                                             Basically, Jesus is teaching: imitate me; do what I do; bear what I bear and love what I love.

To serve is to “follow” Jesus; this is done by being obedient to His Word.  We must obey His doctrine and imitate His example.

At death, see Him as He is and be with Him where He is: “where I am there shall also my servant be.”

God will crown the faithful and obedient by honor: to value; prize; revere.

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