Gospel Of John Chapter #1 Part #2 Notes

The Ministry and witness of John The Baptist

John 1:6-8

Vs 6 – “a man” = a mere man who came and told of Jesus who “was with God and that He was God.  John was a great man, but he was a man, a son of man; he was sent from God, he was God’s messenger: Malachi 3:1.  He was a witness, John 1:7-8.

John was not “that” light; he testified and gave witness to the only “true” light of the world.

John 1:9-10; Isaiah 49:6.

God gave John the Baptist both his mission and his message;

both his credentials and his instructions.

We do not find where John performed a miracle; had visions and revelations.

He was a man, sent from God: his name was John. “Sent from God” indicates the person and function of a prophet.

John The Baptist Gives Witness to and about Jesus Christ

John 1:15 – “My Successor is my Superior, for He was my Predecessor.”

John 1:16, “grace for grace,” This is where “joy” and “cross” are balanced against each other.

Hebrews 12:2: Here the picture is “grace” taking the place of “grace,” like the manna fresh each morning, new grace for the new day and the new service.

Grace for grace may mean much grace; superlative favors bestowed on man; favors superior to all that had been under the law: superior to all other things that God can confer on men. These favors consist in pardon, redemption, protection, sanctification, peace here, and heaven hereafter.

Ephesians 1:6-8; Ephesians 2:5-9

John 1:17 – The law was force; the grace and truth of Jesus Christ are love and light.

The Law was a shadow of what was coming: Colossians 2:16-17;                Hebrews 10:1.

The Law condemns while God’s grace saves: Galatians 3:24.

The authority of John The Baptist’s Testimony, John 1:19-22

Vs 23- John said that he was “the voice.” Isaiah 40:3-5, Matthew 3:3.

The word “Voice” gives the idea of disclosure. John “disclosed” that Jesus was the Christ.

John’s baptism, John 1:25-28

Vs 25 – they demand: What right do you have to baptize? The Jews knew there should be some change in religion under the Messiah.

Vs 25: NOTE: Their perplexity shows that the baptismal rite was new to them. There is no proof that Jewish proselyte baptism of Gentile converts existed at this period, save the assertion of the Talmud, written two or three centuries after this. Josephus, who wrote in the time of the apostles, is silent about it.

John 1:29 – Jesus, The Lamb of God is what takes away the sin; it was not the baptism.

Baptism is symbolic of what took place when a believer repents and receives Jesus as Savior.

Matthew 3:16 Jesus is baptized: He is God, without sin.

This was symbolic of His death, burial & resurrection; John 1:32-33.

Matthew 3:11, the word “unto.” The Greek word “eis” is used here.

It is figurative indicating that John baptized people because their sins had already been forgiven. The ordinance of baptism is symbolic as to what the new believer had done with Christ.

Same word is used in Acts 2:38: ‘for” = “eis.”  Romans 6:3-5.

John preached repentance, Matthew 3:8; Jesus preached the same message, Matthew 9:13.

John baptized Christ

John 3:22, Jesus was baptizing

John 3:23, John the Baptist was also baptizing there.

John gives his last testimony of Jesus.

Vs 28, 30, 34-36.

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