Gospel Of JOHN Chapter 17 Vs 9-19 Notes

Jesus prays for special intercession for the believers. John 17:9-19

1. Vs 9: “I pray for them”  Luke 22:32.

Every believer should have great joy in knowing that Jesus Christ prays for           them.

2. Vs 9: Jesus prays for believers in contrast to the world = the unsaved.

Jesus died on the Cross to make salvation possible for all sinners; He lives to       make intercession for the saved.  Jesus does a special work for believers. He       is our Mediator; our High priest. He intercedes for the saved in a special way       that he does not for unbelievers.    I Timothy 2:5

3. Vs 10: The people, who are saved, in Christ Jesus, also belong to God.  Those       who belong to God also belong to Jesus.

4. Vs 10: “I am glorified in them.”  Christ’s glory here upon the earth was                   manifested by his disciples.  It is also to be manifested by all believers. This is     a great inspiration to serve the Saviour.

5. Vs 11: Jesus is getting ready to leave this world. The hour is near for His                  crucifixion etc. As He prays, Jesus commits His disciples to the Father’s care.        He also asks that they might be united in the purpose of getting the Gospel        to the world. Acts 4:32; Acts 2:32; John 13:1.

6. Vs 11: “Holy Father” The word “Holy” points to and describes God’s                         character.

The root meaning of the word in the Greek means: separation. This signifies       that God is completely removed from all evil. God is also removed from evil         and elevated high above all evil and sin. James 1:13

7. Vs 12: All the saved are and have been kept by Jesus in God’s Name. None of       them have ever been lost. Kept is used two times in this verse. 1st time, the       meaning is: “preserved.”                                                                                                             The 2nd time, the meaning is: “guarded.” Guarded as the shepherd guards           his sheep or as a soldier guards a treasure.

Judas was never given to Jesus: John 6:70; John 13:27; Luke 22:3.

The word “but,” a conjunction. The meaning is: Among the company of disciples and believers, there was one who was lost; unsaved; never saved.

“Perdition,” Ruin or loss (physical, spiritual or eternal): damnable, perish, waste.  John 6:37; John 10:27-29.

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