Notes on Johns Gospel Chap # 19

John Chapter 19

Christ Before Pilate

Vs 1: “Then Pilate therefore took Jesus, and scourged him.” Scourge = to flog.

History tells us that prisoners under the rule of Rome, were scourged before they were crucified.

Many times they died before going to the cross.

They were stripped and stretched on a frame, tied down with cords, and beaten with rods or with a whip of leather straps. On the end of the straps were tied pieces of metal or jagged bone.  Isaiah 53:5

Pilate offered Jesus to be scourged in hopes of that satisfying the Jews and set Him free. He did this to please the Jews.   I Peter 2:21-25.

Vs 2: The Crown of Thorns. This was done to mock and ridicule Jesus. He had announced Himself to be King of the Jews, but the ungodly men would not believe this.

His crown was a token of the curse placed upon this earth when Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden; Genesis 3:17 – 18.

The crown of thorns on the head of Jesus presents a very striking symbol of the horrible consequences of the fall of Adam as well as the curse that was laid on the Lamb of God, the divine substitute for sinners.

Vs 2: The purple robe. This also was done to mock Jesus. They believed Him to be ridiculous; because emperors, the upper class wealthy, and rulers wore purple.

Verse 3, we read of the mockery of Jesus.

Jesus wore a robe of mockery, shame and contempt  so that we may wear a robe of His righteousness when we stand before God.

The unsaved man has always hated God: Jeremiah 17:9; Romans 8:7-8; Romans 3:10-18.

These awful facts are very clearly declared in the mocking and scourging of Jesus.

Since Jesus was making an atonement for our sin, He must reveal sin in all of its ugliness; deadliness and lawlessness.

I John 3:4 teaches us that sin is the transgression of the law. Pilate set all the law aside when he turned Jesus over to a lawless mob to be crucified.

Sin is iniquity and iniquity is injustice. There was no justice in what the Roman soldiers did to Jesus.

Vs 3: Hail, King of the Jews. Here we read of the jeers mocking Jesus by the Roman soldiers.

They believed the worst that was said about Jesus: He was an illegitimate imposter; a false prophet. They gave Him all the contempt that they were capable of before they crucified Him between two thieves.

Vs 3: They smote Him with their hands.  Isaiah 50:6; Isaiah 53:2-5.

Our minds, which are frail at best, could never comprehend the full significance of what Jesus, the Son of God, went through for us.

His sacrifice for us  was in our place. We deserved all of that punishment.

Unless we can realize the horrible pain; suffering; anguish and misery of an everlasting hell that burns with fire, forever and ever; we will never fully appreciate the Cross.

He is sinless and without spot or blemish. This means that He is faultless and blameless.

Vs 4: “I find no fault in him.”

Matthew 27:4; John 18:38; John 19:4; John 19:6; Luke 23:14-15; Luke 23:41; Matthew 27:54

I believe Pilate had the intension of having Jesus scourged and then turning Him back over to the Jews. Then, he would have no more to do with Jesus. But this was not to be so.

The declaration: “I find no fault in Him” was made by a lost sinner and not by one of Jesus followers. I find this to be interesting because it came from a man whose death sentence gave the Jews permission to crucify Jesus.

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