Gospel Of John Chapter #5 Notes

John 5 – Healing at Pool of Bethesda; there were two pools

A Pool by the Sheep Market – It had a the gate through which the sheep were brought which were offered in sacrifice in the temple.

Sheep and oxen were brought into the city, which were brought mainly for sacrifice. The gate was doubtless near the temple, and near the present place which is shown as the pool of Bethesda. NOTE: The sheep were not washed here.

Bethesda = House of Kindness

It had 5 porches: a colonnade or interior piazza: one along each side of the pool and one between the two pools.

It was in the 5 porches where the sick and lame etc. were brought. They waited there until the waters were “stirred.” Then, the first one into the waters was healed.

The water source was a spring that bubbled up into it.

John 4, Jesus is the “Living Water.”

The “Living  Water “springs up into everlasting life.” John 4:14.

How would the impotent man get himself into the pool?

What was his sickness? The Bible does not tell it.

We do know: he must have been lame; crippled etc as he had to (Vs 7) hope that someone would carry him first into the waters.

No wheel chairs – no handicap access.

He cannot walk but must depend on someone else for help; he is helpless. He came to this pool for healing.

John 5:5; “A certain man …” could be anyone.

John 5:6: Jesus saw him; he did not seek out Jesus.

John 5:7: He came year after year, perhaps depending on someone to bring him there; perhaps he had to find his own way there. He had to depend on himself be the first into the pool. This had failed year after year as he was helpless.

The healing – verse 8. Jesus commands him; he obeys.

Bed: a simple mat.  “Rise” = get up

Vs 8 – Take up (Pick up) your bed and walk. The weak was now made strong and the act of carrying his bed, showed healing; strength; obedience.

This act was one of simple faith.

In John 4, the woman at the well had burdens. She had to walk several miles 2-3 times a day, each way, to carry water.

John 5, the impotent man had burdens also. He could not walk and perhaps had some other physical problems.

In John 4, the woman at the well, laid down her burdens and picked up Jesus by faith (got saved).

In John 5; the impotent man, believed by faith. Immediately, he “picked up his bed = overcame his burdens through the power of God.

After Jesus performed a miracle, He was accustomed to connect some circumstance with it, which proved its truth.

After the miracle of the five loaves; (even though several thousands had been fed); Jesus ordered the fragments to be collected. They were more in number than the loaves & fishes that He started out with.

When he changed the water into wine, Jesus ordered some to be taken first to the steward of the feast, that he might taste and bear testimony to its genuineness and excellency.

When he cured the lepers, He commanded them to show themselves to the priests, whose business it was to be the judge of the cure.

Here, in John 5, Jesus believed it to be necessary, after having cured this impotent man, to order him not only to arise, but to take up his bed, and walk. This was sufficient to attest to the miracle which Jesus had preformed.

An act of Grace

The impotent man was helpless as are all lost sinners.

Vs 7: He needed someone to help him (I have no man). Acts 8:31 The Ethiopian needed someone to “guide him.”

The angel, verse 4, “stirred the waters”. But the angel could not carry anyone into the waters.

Angels are messengers of God, but they cannot save nor heal.

Angels have power, but not the power to save.

ALL unsaved people NEED someone to help or to guide them in the scriptures to show them the way of Salvation.

Vs 13: the impotent or helpless man was healed (made whole): physically and spiritually.

Also, he did not know Jesus or who He was, but he believed. This shows the Power of God & Gods Word to save.


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