Vs 1 – Where do wars come from?  Where does inner fighting come from? These can be fights within your own soul; mind or spirit etc. as well as fight among Christians.

           The answer: many want their own way or have an agenda and are not spiritual.

           James tells them that the origin of their wars & fights was not a true zeal for God, but it was their prevailing lusts that was the cause of it all. In other words, they were the cause & source of their own problems.  Their problems come from their own fighting’s = controversy.

Vs 2-3 – Because of their spiritual drought, they don’t get God’s blessings and they have unanswered prayers.

Vs 3 – “consume it ….. “ their strife, lust & selfishness are hindering their prayers from being answered. Proverbs 1:28-31;  I John 3:22 & 5:14

Vs 4 – “adulterers and adulteresses’ = The Jews are represented as being espoused to God because of their covenant with Him.

           James reminds them that if they are friends of the world (they ways of ungodliness), they fall into sin and place the things of the world in pre-eminence over God. This becomes spiritual adultery.

           God’s Word  teaches that the “things” of the world are gained by lust of the flesh, eyes and pride of life. To follow worldly lusts  over and above the “things’ of the Lord =spiritual adultery. Saved and baptized believers are in the “Bride of Christ” and all unfaithful followers of Christ are like an unfaithful bride.

           “friendship of the world” =  the prince of this world (satan) is opposed to Christ and the spirit of the world is also opposed. One cannot love the ways of the world and love God also. “Ye cannot serve God and mammon” Matthew 6:24.

Vs 5 – “in vain’ = do you really think that the Scriptures have no purpose? Do you really believe that the Bible teaches that God’s spirit, that dwells in the Christian, tries to get us to go against God’s Word and God’s will?

Vs 6 – “he giveth more grace” = he  enables us to overcome our love of the world.  The same God who causes His spirit to dwell in believers, James 4:5, and the Spirit that speaks in Scripture:           resists the proud = opposes the proud = haughty, those who place themselves above others.  If one will place themselves above others, they soon lifts himself against God.

           “Pride” is the mother of envy.

           II Peter 3:18 “But grow in grace …” We are by nature selfish and envious; but grace will enable us to conquer our inbred sins, if we humbly admit to them, and ask God for help to overcome them.

           “giveth grace” = God is a giving God        

Vs 7 – “submit yourselves” = to obey; be in subjection to God.

           “resist” = to take a stand against; oppose the devil and his devices. The devil cannot conquer you if you continue to resist.

           You resist the devil  by refusing to do wrong.

           “flee” = run away; escape; vanish

           In short, we must endeavor to come near to God by purity and sincerity of life.

           As we continue to resist the temptations, snares and traps of the devil, God’s Holy Spirit that lives in the Christian, will come to our aide, our assistance and fight for us.

Vs 8 – “Draw nigh” = to approach, come near, to be at hand.

           If we do this, God will “draw nigh to you.” = as we come near to God, He will be closer to us.  He is always where he is, as we approach Him, He then is now closer to us than when we began our approach.

           This also has the connotation: God will  sustain, comfort, and provide for you As you get close to Him.

           “Cleanse your hands” = Washing or cleansing the hands was a token of innocence and purity.

           Just as washing our hands of the outward dirt that is on them, cleansing or purifying our hearts cleans us from the inward dirt or sins that we harbor in our lives.

           Washing the hands was a term used in a ritual sense.            Psalms 18:20; 24:4; 26:6; 73:13

           “double minded” = the one who is constantly changing their mind; the one who is trying to decide to serve God or self . They struggle to either serve God or serve the vices and “things” of this world; James 1:8. Their heart is not settled on what to do regarding  serving the Lord.

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Shalom godbless welldone shalom

Comment by Michael

Very helpful induced,many thanks,God bless

Comment by Maxine Read

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