Old Things Gone And All Things New #2

                                          II Corinthians 5:14-21   Key Vs 17

Introduction: Every person who is saved – you have been born again – received God’s gift – have salvation etc. You can give a genuine testimony from your own experience that you are now a new creature.      The “old” things are passed & ALL things are now  new.

 1. We have new spiritual desires

    – there should be a desire to be in the Word of God

    – A desire to pray to God on a daily basis

    – A desire to be in God’s House

    – A desire to live for God

    – A desire to tell others about what God has done for you in your  life.

 2. We have a new standing before God

    – We now can have true fellowship with Him

    – When you are saved, you become a child of God – born into His   family

    – Even though we are still here in this world bodily, yet spiritually – we are lifted above it

 3. As a new creature – Everything now has a new center for us and that NEW center is the Lord Jesus Christ.

    – NOT the Jesus of History … but the Jesus who was God Himself in the flesh

    – The Christ of the resurrection & ascension to Heaven

    – The Christ of infinity & eternity

    – We are to view everything now, in relation to Him.

    Now – Vs 17  “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”    The OLD is passed away ….  

    – the old ways of viewing things

    – old ways of estimating people

    – old standards of value

    – old ideas of pleasure

    – old fascinations with things that are material

    – old hates & old loves

    – old habits & old misunderstandings

    – old prejudices & old blindness’s

    – old darkness’s & spiritual death

    I John 2:8 –  John 9:25

4. The most wonderful thing of all is that – if you are saved – you  have become NEW

    – you are not self deceived

    – the change is too deep & strong & it’s lasting

    – we know that the transition point was the point when you received Christ as Saviour

    The outward evidence of this inward miracle …. Is the way we live.

 5. Years ago – a little boy went to the Coast Guard Station with his dad. The boy took his little telescope & stood by his dad, who was looking through the big telescope.

    The little boy said “No ships in sight.”

    His dad, a sailor, said “son, look through my telescope.”

    The boy did – he got excited & said “Ohhhh – Ships – Ships everywhere!”

    The BIG telescope transformed everything …. And so it is with those who have been saved by His power and are a New Creature in Christ.

    – We can see a NEW world of spiritual  realities which we never saw before through our “little telescopes”  of  human reason …… ALL things have become NEW.

    – Are ALL things NEW with you?

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