Revealed Things Are Taught In The Word Of God Given By The Spirit

I Corinthians 2:10-16

Vs 10 – Paul’s point is simply that the Holy Spirit fully comprehends the depth of God’s nature.

The Holy Spirit knows God’s plans of grace and is fully competent to make the revelation that is claimed here.

Vs 11 – God’s Holy Spirit knows the things of God

Vs 12 – Spirit of the world = a reference to the wisdom of this age – in vs 6 – 8

Vs 13 – The Holy Ghost teacheth = II Peter 1:21 & II Timothy 3:16

The Holy Ghost gave the Word of God in the Old Testament and He GAVE the Word of God in the New Testament. There is no conflict between them.

“comparing spiritual things with spiritual” = search the Scriptures; spiritual things are found in the Scriptures.

Matching spiritual things with spiritual words.

Explaining spiritual things to spiritual men.

Paul, as an Apostle and a preacher, teaches us to base our beliefs and practices on Scripture.

Paul’s preaching and teaching was from the Scriptures.

Vs 14 – natural here, refers to the unsaved.

They do not accept but rejects, refuses to accept, the “things” of the Spirit = here, referring to the scriptures and scriptural teachings; Romans 8:7 = carnal, here, refers to the Christian who is not spiritual, but rather, fleshly or worldly.

Romans 8:6-8 – the unspiritual believer, or backslidden Christian is against the things of God vs 7. That is by their thinking, actions, rejection of what the Spirit of God has revealed in the Scriptures.

back to Vs 14 ( our text) – the unsaved think the things of the Spirit of God are foolishness = absurd, silly

Why, because the Word of God is from Gods Spirit and are spiritually discerned = investigated, examined, judged, searched.

Vs 15 – The spiritual man is qualified to sift, to examine, to decide rightly, because he has the eyes of his heart enlightened.

the unsaved cannot judge; the carnal believer cannot judge or examine = decide rightly, because the unsaved are not spiritual.

I Thessalonians 5:21; Ephesians 4:13-14; Hebrews 5:14; I John 4:1 “yet, he himself, is judged of no man’ = the unsaved and carnal are not able to sit in judgment upon the preacher or the mature Christian.

Vs 16 – “we have … mind of ..” – This passage is quoted from Isaiah 40:13. We have the capacity to understand by Gods Spirit. Philippians 2:5 = the Christian is influenced by God; He has his Spirit

Vs 16 – “we have the mind of Christ’ = Paul speaks of himself, and his fellow-laborers in the Gospel.

Paul’s meaning is not only that they had the mind of Christ written in a book, but that they had a clear understanding of Gods Word and so were equipped to interpret it to others.

Conclusion: Charles Spurgeon said: “The whole of mankind may correctly be divided into natural and spiritual, and these are as distinct as the dead and the living. The natural man has no spirit, and cannot therefore discern spiritual things. In the new birth, a spirit is implanted in us, and thus we gain spiritual faculties, we live in a spiritual atmosphere, and are capable of spiritual joys. Have we received this higher life? Have we the mind of Christ? Lord, work it in us, for Jesus sake!

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