Old Testament Survey Book of II Kings

Introduction:  I & II Kings record the reign of Solomon and then the succeeding Kings of Israel and Judah. They cover a time period of 400 years and tell us of the growth and decay of the kingdoms.

Central message: Willful sin brings a sad end

Central theme: The sin, fall and sending into captivity of both, Israel and Judah.                                                          In this book, we will focus on two events that I believe would be most helpful to us in the realm of faith.

  1. Widow’s Oil – II Kings 4
  2. The widow asks for help – vs 1
  3. vs 2 – she was down to a pot of oil = she was broke
  4. we can justify in our own minds: I want to serve the Lord, but I have nothing to give
  5. Go borrow = action. This was a plan to succeed NOT a plan to fail – vs 3 – not a few
  6. vs 4-5 – Elisha give her instructions. These were Godly instructions from the man of God She followed them = obeyed
  7. Vs 6 – The widow gave her all – by faith obeyed
  8. Full – God’s man took the pot of oil (singular vs 2)
  9. Filled the vessels (plural)
  10. Vs 7 – God’s man gives further instructions
  11. Go sell = again action, obedience
  12. sell the oil and pay the debt

Summary: Sometimes it may not make sense, but we are to obey even if we don’t understand it.

How could you take a pot of oil and fill several containers with it?

Giving your all, when you have next to nothing, defies all common sense. But God requires of us and we are to trust and to obey and let Him supply our need.

Trust in the Word of God – let God supply to you – something that you do not have – in order to meet your needs.

Give what you have to God – let Him multiply it and use it for His praise, honor and glory.

What if the widow had been selfish and kept the last pot of oil? She would have lost her two sons to slavery (bondsman).

What does God want from you? Answer … YOU. II Corinthians 8:2-5

You may not have much to offer – but God is waiting for YOU to give Him YOU.

  1. The Healing Of Naaman – II Kings 5
  2. Vs 1 – A great man – man of valour – a leper
  3. the Lord had used him to deliver Syria from their enemy
  4. being a leper shows that he had a need
  5. shows that he could not, himself, do anything about it.
  6. we all have needs everyday in life
  7. God can meet your needs
  8. Vs 6- 9: By Faith – the King of Syria sent Naaman to be healed – to get his needs met
  9. Vs 10 – Elisha, God’s prophet, told Naaman how to get his needs met
  10. Vs 11 – Naaman was wroth – Hebrew – he burst out in a rage
  11. sometimes folks get mad at the man of God – the pastor – when he gives you Godly                                         advice and direction  from the Word of God
  1. Naaman had sinful pride – “Behold I thought …”
  2. Naaman wanted to hear  what he  wanted to hear
  3. Vs 12 – Naaman wanted it his way and when he didn’t get it his way – he got mad
  4. Vs 13 – We want to do something great – but get mad when it doesn’t happen
  5. if he told you something great – you would have done it. So why not do this thing?
  6. Proverbs 12:15
  7. Proverbs 14:12 & 16:25
  8. Vs 14 – And he was clean –
  9. God’s Word is true
  10. Obedience brings blessings
  11. God has chosen the foolish things to confound the wise
  12. Your way isn’t always right
  13. God’s ways are always right
  14. God’s man should be listened to

Conclusion: Always apply the Word of God to your own heart and not to someone else’s.

Listen – obey – trust.  Don’t get mad at the preacher or at God when you get advice you don’t like. By faith – believe – obey – trust.

By faith – we receive salvation

By faith – be obedient in ALL things

By faith – be baptized

By faith – tithe to your church

By faith – give to missions

By faith – share Christ with others – be a witness – win souls