TEXT:  Philippians 3:7-10

Every Christian should have some Goal to reach in their Christian life. No Goals, No Bulls eye.

No Goals, you’ll never reach anything. Have some goals; set them high: Philippians 3:10.

We need help and training to reach those goals.

  1. Be “willing” to grow spiritually. Be willing to let the Lord  change whatever it takes in your life in order to reach your spiritual goals.  Romans 6:16
  2. Sometimes, if we are not careful, we get stubborn
  3. We may want God’s will our way
  4. We may not be “willing” to give up some bad habit or may not be willing” to change our life style in order to grow spiritually
  5.  Be careful not to compare what we do or have done with other Christians. II Corinthians 10:12

a. I’m as good as they are                                                                                                 b. I’m better than he/she is                                                                                             c. I’m not as good, so why try?                                                                                       d. Everyone is on / at a different spiritual level, depending on how long we have been saved and what we have done with our ives since salvation.

  1. Avoid keeping relationships with those that drag you down.     Proverbs 13:20; II Corinthians 6:14-17
  1. Watch out: Be sure not to achieve your goals through the flesh: Romans 8:3-9

a. Flesh = self: Human nature.

b. Man MUST be under the influence of the flesh or the Spirit of God. One of the two will be your master and the character of your life.

  1. Be sure to take the 1st step toward reaching your spiritual goals. A person may say that they are “willing” but not do anything about it = all talk and NO action.  Proverbs 2:13 & 20: Romans 8:1 & 4
  1. When you fail a hard test, don’t give up and quit.Life is filled with tests. We tell our children, if they fail a test at school, STUDY harder and work harder so that you will learn more and get a better grade on the next test.

Can we not apply that same idea = principle, to ourselves in the Christian life?  Hebrews 3:9-13; John 6:6, Psalms 17:3