The Holy Spirit And The Gospel

John 16:7-11

 Vs 8 – “reprove” = convict, convince, tell a fault, rebuke, admonish “sin” = an offense

I was reading from a book “The Challenge Of Life,” by Oswald J. Smith, a great preacher from many years ago. In chapter eight “Has The Gospel Failed,” he addresses a great problem.

It is no different in today’s world; many think the Gospel has failed.

Why?  Because they see no great revivals and people are turning away from the things of the Lord.

The following excerpts are  from this chapter of his book.

 “What a wonderful world this would be if sin could be eliminated! Every man would be employed; everyone would have all he needed.”

“There would not be a drunkard anywhere in the world; no drunken drivers and no wild parties.”

“Not a single harlot would be found on the streets. All suggestive pictures, statues and paintings would be gone. Never again would adultery be committed.”

 “There would be no thieves and banks and homes would be safe. No one would be kidnapped. There would be no jails and penitentiaries.” This would free taxpayers from such burdens.

“No one would gamble.”

“God’s name would not be taken in vain. None would be angry. jealousy would be unknown.”

There would be no murders.

“Every man’s word would be trusted; there would be no liars. The dope addict would be a relic.”

“War would be no more. Battlefields, armies and navy’s would be no more.”

 This would be a great vision to make the world a better place to live in.

In order to make this world a better place to live in, we must deal with sin.

Sin is at the root of all sin and greed.

Dealing with sin is not reformation and not social reform because sin is like a cancer.

The only cure for sin is the blood of Jesus Christ. If we ignore that fact, we lose the battle against sin.

Jesus said: John 3:3 “… ye must be born again …”

“The heart must be changed; appetites and the desires of our hearts, must be changed.”

“Education has never done it; our environment has failed.”

“Sin, my friend, is the problem – SIN; and Christ is the remedy.”

 He points out that the days of the Church’s greatest progress were the days of revivals and soul- saving campaigns.

Today, many churches have brought the world (society) and worldliness into it.

Instead of the local church becoming an influence in their cities, towns and neighborhoods, they have become passive and let the influence of society infiltrate the local churches.

II Corinthians 6:17 (come out from among them …)

 He goes on to say: “Therefore, let us keep our task. Let us preach the Gospel and win souls. We must not be side tracked.  The bi-products of Christianity, we recognize, and we thank God for every improvement.” 

But our task is to preach the Gospel, gather in the local church and serve the Lord.

“Leave the establishment of the Kingdom to the Lord. The Gospel has not failed”

 Now, let’s go back to our text: John 16:8. The Holy Spirit convicts people of their sin.

The Holy Spirit wrote the Word of God –  II Timothy 3:16.

Therefore, the Word of God must be preached and sin must be preached against and the blood of

Christ  must be preached. That’s the remedy for this world. For you, me, our families and friends as well as strangers and slight acquaintances, etc.

In our daily lives, be sure to put away sin; be sure to pray for the Holy Spirit’s power for your life.

Ask the Holy Spirit to direct your life and to control your life.

Ask the Holy Spirit to use you to led others to Christ. For if you do not seek to win the unsaved, you have failed in Christ’s mission for your life.

A couple of death bed confessions from unbelievers:

Thomas Paine would call out during his sudden outbursts of distress: “Oh Lord, help me! God, help me! Jesus Christ, help me!”  He would repeat the same thing over and over in a tone that would alarm all in his house.

“I would give the worlds if I had them, and that the Age of Reason had never been published.”

Voltaire: He died a horrible, painful death. On his death bed, Voltaire renounced his infidelity.

He would cry out: “O Christ! Oh Jesus Christ! He then complained that he had been abandoned by God and man.

He asked his doctor for six more months to live, offering the doctor half of what Voltaire was worth. The doctor told him that he would not live six weeks. Voltaire replied: “Then, I shall go to hell.” He died not long after that.

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