The Indwelling Spirit

I Corinthians 6:19-20

Introduction: In the Bible, we read and know of the Birth of Christ = God becoming a man.

God, Himself, indwelt = inhabited a man = Jesus Christ.

In the Old Testament, God inhabited a bush. He spoke to Moses from that bush.

In the New Testament, God lived in the body of Jesus for 33 years = Jesus, was and IS God.

Jesus ascended to heaven and did not leave us comfortless. He gave the Holy Spirit of God to live in – to indwell, the saved person.

What is the purpose of the Spirit’s indwelling?  There are many, but for this study, I will focus on just one or two.

 I.  He Exalts The Son

    A. John 16:13-14 – The Spirit will not speak of Himself

         1. Vs 14 – The Spirit will glorify Jesus Christ

         2. He will take the things of Christ and make them plain to us

         3. He desires to exalt Christ.

             This can only be done through saved people; those are who the Holy Spirit indwells

         4. As a saved person, you will either help or hinder the Spirits working in you.

              a. Philippians 2:13-14

              b. God works in the saved person to accomplish what He wants to accomplish.

              c. God does it without murmuring; without disputing complaining = contentions.

    B. To Exalt Christ Is To Adore Christ


1. We can sing “Oh, how I love Jesus” and not sing it from the heart and it simply becomes the “vain repetition”  that Jesus warned us about.  There can be no expression without experience.

2. Allow the Holy Spirit to love Jesus through you.

II. The Holy Spirit Makes A Divine Partnership With The Christian

     A. II Corinthians 13:14

          1. Word “communion” = “partner; fellowship; a sharer with”

          2. This is important for the Christian to understand

     B. The saved have fellowship with the Holy Spirit in a practical way

          1. We are to share the Word of Life

          2. We are partners with Him in the work of the Lord

              a. God uses men to fulfill His purposes; he has countless numbers of angels; but He uses men.

              b. God could speak and His powerful voice that created the universe, would cause men, everywhere to fall, trembling at His feet. God chose, instead, to use saved people to do His work on this earth.

              c. God could display enough power to transform every hardened sinner, but He uses saved men and women.

     C. Partnership With The Holy Spirit Is Essential

          1. I Corinthians 3:1 – Paul couldn’t speak to the Christians in the church at Corinth in a spiritual way because they were carnal.

          2. They were babies = immature. baby’s do not recognize and do not assume their responsibilities

          3. Vs 7-8 – Apostle Paul illustrates the farmer; tilling the soil; planting; watering; harvesting etc. This is an object lesson

          4. Vs 9 – Paul comes to the point – WE are laborers together with God.

              a. Notice the last part of this verse – “ye are God’s building.” 

              b. The Holy Spirit of God is housed in the body and soul of a saved person.

              c. The Holy Spirit is the Lord of the Harvest = He directs the operations

              d. We must willingly, submit to His directions

     D. What Do You have That The Holy Spirit Does Not Have?

          1. We do not have knowledge, wisdom nor power.

          2. What is the one thing He requires? Answer: A body – John 14:17

          3. Jesus ascended to heaven. The Holy Spirit has no earthly body to indwell except the saved person.

          4. He needs feet to carry the message of salvation

              a. He wants your mouth to proclaim the gospel message

              b. He wants to use your body as a vessel of Godliness, so that He can direct your life to accomplish God’s perfect will in and through you.

              c. That’s why God said, in Romans 12:1-2 (read). He will not force His will on you.

              d. Romans 6:13 & 16 – members are: eyes, hands, feet, brain for thoughts, etc.

                  vs 16 – we either yield to sin & self or to obedience unto righteousness

     E. The Holy Spirit Must Have dedicated, Active, Faithful, Christians, to work in harmony with Him, as a faithful partner

         1. The Christian MUST allow the Holy Spirit to lead and direct your life, to DO God’s perfect will.

         2. Your part?  Yield to Him.

         3. How often? Every day; let the Holy Spirit of God control your life, actions, and thoughts.

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