“He gave His only begotten Son”

                                                         John 3:16

 Introduction: There is no sweeter verse in the Bible. It declares:

A. That God is love

B. That He loved the world instead of hating it

C. He so loves that He gave His Son. Jesus did not come to appease the Father’s wrath, but He came because God loved so well.

D. He came to keep mankind from perishing.

 I. If we could measure the love of God, we would have to measure it by Calvary.

   A. The measure of love is always its willingness to “give.”

   B. The measure of love is its capacity for sacrifice.

   C. In our text – the word “for” = a primary particle used in argumentation – explanation or intensification …   It denotes that there is NO DOUBT.

   D. There is no doubt about God’s love.   He “so loved” = on this fashion or in like manner.  This teaches us that – there is NO DOUBT about the love of God … He proved His love for us  “in this fashion” – He GAVE His only begotten Son.

 II. God’s love is revealed in His giving

     A. His giving is beyond all measure

     B. We will never know what Calvary cost God

     C. We will never know the love that lay behind the Cross of Calvary

 III. Here we see the “oneness” of God the Father & God the Son

      A. In giving the Son, the Father gave Himself

      B. II Corinthians 5:19 (God was in Christ)

 IV. Jesus was not just an agent that God used to send a message that He loves us

      A. Jesus IS God Himself & God came to earth to love us

      B. He just does not expound the love of God – He IS the love of God

      C. God “so loved” = so freely – so fully – so sublimely

 V.  Think of How God the Father gave up His Son on the Cross

      A. He incorporated the human nature into His Divine being.

      B. This was done by a real human birth

      C. Language now breaks down … Such love is beyond our words

      D. God loved us in such a way that words cannot express

 VI. Christmas is close by

      A. In our minds and hearts .. we cannot separate His birth at Bethlehem  from His death at Calvary.   We cannot separate the cradle from the Cross

      B. Without the virgin birth, there never would have been an atonement  And without the atonement, there never would have been a virgin birth

 Conclusion: The greatest thing that we can know about God is John 3:16 “For God so loved …”

I John 4:19 – Romans 5:6-8.

To experience God’s love is to FIRST, receive Him as Saviour.  That is done by simple believing FAITH.

If you are saved – you experience God’s love John 14:15 & 17 – this is by serving, trusting, obeying, walking in His steps etc.

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