“He Faileth Not”

Zephaniah 3:5

 Introduction: The Bible is filled with priceless gems.

He Faileth not” is one of them. In life, we can fine a beautiful flower growing in and among the rocks. A Rainbow can show up in a drab sky and the beauty that we find traveling down a back road. Here, in Zephaniah, an Old Testament Book that is often looked over when we read, we find a wonderful, beautiful gem of life.    God is rebuking Israel for their unfaithfulness. Zeph. 1:1-4. From this, we can find a three-fold lesson. Even though Israel was not living for God, vs 5 – He was in their midst. He does not condone the sin & rebellion, but He promised to be there for His people – Hebrews 13:5.

 I. He Fails Not In His Power.

   A. I Peter 1:5 (kept by His power)

   B. II Corinthians 13:4 (live by power of God)

   C. What “Big thing” are you praying for?

       1. does your faith begin to fail?

       2. Do you look to circumstances instead of to God?

       3. if it doesn’t happen, it is not because of God’s lack of power to us

       4. it could be, your faith is being tested to help you in your spiritual progress

 II. He Fails Not In His Wisdom  

    A. We need wisdom from the Lord – James 1:5

         1. you have disappointment; loneliness; have troubles; get perplexed

         2. God’s wisdom never fails us

         3. we need to draw wisdom to do right, from God.

         4. you may not know the answer, but if you know Christ, you can go to Him for life’s answers

    B. Wisdom

         1. Romans 11:33

         2. I Corinthians  1:30

         3. Proverbs 2:6 & 4:7

         4. We don’t know God’s methods; we know He answers prayer sooner or later.  Leave your prayer with Him alone, His will is wiser than my own. He will grant my request or send an answer far more better than I ask for.

 III. He Fails Not In His Love

      A. If God did not love us, His power and wisdom would mean little to us I John 4:10,18,19

      B. His love for us never fails

      C. His love is faithful to you

      D. God’s  love is shown in Jesus  I John 4:9; I John 3:23

 Conclusion: God’s love gives you worth – it gives you Hope – it gives you a purpose in living.

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Thank you for the wonderful message! It reminded me that now matter how weak we are, how many times we fail, God is faithful, His love will always remain. Thank you very much! :) God bless you!

Comment by athalia brielle

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