I Corinthians 15:1-2

 Introduction:  Memory – Memories can be fantastic or torture.  One of the poets said:  “Memory was given us that we might have Summer’s roses right through Winter; but sometimes it retains only the stinging thorns of blooms which have perished for ever.”  Memory is wonderful and there is not a more wonderful faculty in the human mind.

Aristotle called it “the scribe of the soul.”

Memory is a most amazing cupboard to store things in.

The Scriptures repeatedly encourage us to “remember.”

 1. Vs 1 – Paul declares the Gospel = salvation.

    a.  Gospel in a nutshell is found in verses 3-4.

    b.  At the very moment we receive Christ as Saviour, our sins are pardoned; our guilt is washed away and we are justified through Christ who is sinless and paid for all our sins.

    c.  After we have been saved – there is to be spiritual growth; spiritual power; understanding; usefulness and Christ likeness.

    d. Paul writes to the saved and reminds them of the Gospel. Don’t get tired of hearing about it and share it with others.

    e. “… wherein ye stand” our spiritual standing – our salvation is in the Gospel.

    f. Paul got his historical facts direct from eyewitnesses

       I John 1:1-4 – II Peter 1:16

    g. Paul taught them the high moral challenges of the gospel; spiritual truths of the Gospel; he wanted them to keep it all in their memory Vs 3 – he delivered it to them

 Vs 2 – (read) – “in vain” – this refers to those who may have “played a game called church”

    a. people who were not saved but played the part.

    b. those who had it in their heads and not in their hearts.

        1. Judas was never saved – he had a head knowledge              Luke 22:3

        2. Nicodemus – John 3 – religious but unsaved.

        3. Matthew 7:21-23 – not all that say they are Christians are really Christians.  Vs 20 – their life shows what they really profess.

    c. Paul wants these Christians to keep proving God’s power in their daily living.

    d. Vs 2 – Paul preached to them – I Corinthians 1:18 & 21

    e. Gospel preaching is a life / death business – what a reason to ‘remember”

    f. “ye keep” indicates a will on man’s part

 Conclusion: Let the Word of God be your guide and it will be your guard; your law and it will be your Light; Let it be your treasure and it will be your triumph. ABOVE ALL – let your focus be on Christ – He is the sum total of it all, the substance of the written Word and the heart and glory of the Gospel.  The Gospel shows us worth; gives love, hope and purpose.

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