Old Things Gone And All Things New

II Corinthians 5:17

Intro: To the unsaved, these words may seem like an exaggeration; but to us who are saved, we can bear witness that there is NO exaggeration at all.

In a spiritual sense, the old is gone and all is new.

Vs 17 “therefore” links the text with the context which explains this. Then, we will see the how and why? of this wonderful transition.

1. It came about through a union with Christ = salvation.                His death & resurrection

    Vs 14 – “One died for all” = Christ died for all = the whole race of sinful humanity.

 2. Vs 14 – “For” the Greek preposition = instead of all = Jesus took the place of each of us 

3. Vs 14 – Christ died for all inclusively

    “If one died for all – then were all dead.” = All died in Him.

    All our sins were nailed to the Cross & He paid the price for each of our sins – ALL of them at one time with one death.  He took my place & your place

    This Divine purpose was not to repair or reform humanity which had fallen with Adam … but it brought regeneration or a new humanity in Christ.

    The old humanity – under Adam – was tested and proven incurably corrupt, sinful & guilty.  At Calvary, in a judicial sense, it was put away = ALL died in Him

 4. He died with anticipation

    His crucifixion, which put away the old …. anticipated  the resurrection which originated the  new.   That’s why we have Vs 15 “And that he died for all, that they which live should not   henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again.”

    Christ anticipated His resurrection – He anticipated that you would receive Him as Savior and He anticipated that we would live for Him.

 5. Now … we have a new Bible.   Before salvation, you may have   believed it – but like a blind man in a palace = sensing the beauty of it – but not seeing the beauty ….. NOW, we believe it and it has come alive.

 6. We have a new Gospel …. The old, old, story has become the new, new, wonder.

    It lives – thrills – glows – flames & always surprises us.

7.  We have a new Church ….. no longer just a building to go to, but a congregation – a family.

     The church is an organized, local, visible, church with a spiritual goal in mind:  to reach the unsaved and help them grow spiritually.

 8. We have a new outlook on life.

    We now see God in everything …

    There may be incidents but no accidents

    God is there for our good, working in our lives

 9. We see a new view of the beyond – we don’t need to fear death – but look forward to “Moving On” to a new home and a new life – eternally & leaving the old behind us.      II Corinthians 5:17

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