“The Grace Of God”

Genesis 1:27 & Ephesians 2:8-9

Intro: God created man and put him in a garden paradise. Satan tempted man and man fell into sin.

Genesis 2:8-17 God provides

Genesis 3:1-5   The devil tempts and man falls spiritually

Genesis 3:14-19 The penalty for sin and the provision by God

Genesis 3:7 & 21 God’s grace

Genesis 4:8 The first murder

Ungodliness and sin came into the world by the temptation of satan. Man (Adam & Eve) willingly does wrong; they disobeyed God. This was against God’s Word.  All sin is against God. Man willfully left God out of their decision making.

The history of man from Adam until now, is a history of man depending upon self and living independently from God. There is no mention of anything vile, immoral etc.

In the Garden of Eden, there were no drug pushers; no bars or liquor stores; no pimps and prostitutes etc. and was in a perfect paradise and yet, he still fell into sin and got away from God.

Man basically leaves God out his thinking; doing; and life in general.

Man tends to plan – act & live as if God did not exist = ungodliness.

Genesis 11:4 We see human progress, but it is all for self; all for mans own glory. Man tries to get to heaven his way and refuses God’s way. They did not take God into account; therefore, their work was ungodly & it brought the judgment of God upon them. Romans 1:18 & 21-23.

Look at the world around us; look back at history throughout the centuries. Man lives against God and the things of God. That’s why we have wars; murders; immorality; hatred; and a host of many other crimes.  People that you might even consider to be “good folks,” live as if there was no God.

So, where is God in all of this?

He is watching; observing; working to bring man back to God.

For Adam & Eve – God provided a payment; a sacrifice for their sin.

For Abraham – God provided a sacrifice

For all mankind – God provides a solution, a payment for our sin & it is by His Grace.

Grace is something we do not deserve but God wants us to depend on Him, to love Him & serve Him.

In the Old testament, Leviticus 4:26 (a sacrifice & atonement for sin).

Leviticus 4:35 (atonement for mans sin and forgiveness).

Atonement is basically, a payment.

God provided a way and God paid for that way. Man’s part is to believe by FAITH and obey it = do what He says. Apply it to you.

In the Old Testament, the sacrifices had to be done over & over every year.

In the New Testament we find: Hebrews 9:24-26. Here we find that Jesus went to God in your behalf. He did not offer nor have to offer Himself every year as the Old Testament priest gave their yearly sacrifices. He offered Himself; His own blood in your place.

Hebrews 9:27-28. Because of mans sin, we have an appointment with death. This means that we had better prepare to meet God now.

Christ was ONCE offered to bear our sins; not on a yearly basis, but ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Man’s part: Believe it; obey it & receive it by faith.

You apply it by receiving Christ as YOUR Saviour.

GRACE: When a Christian lives by faith & is disciplined by grace, it brings to mind & soul, the goodness & beauty of God.  We can realize His unfailing love & His providing salvation for everyone: Romans 10:13. Christ died for ALL but the sad part is that not ALL (everybody) will receive Him as their personal Savior.

When the heart sees this and the riches of His grace; the pleasures that this world offers; the “things” that draw us away from God, His Word, His House; living for Him … all those “things” will soon fade away & will no longer attract us. They will lose their “sparkle” & glamour.

Our heart must see the riches of God’s grace. By grace, God calls the saved believer to serve Him. By grace, God supplies the power, drive & determination to the Christian:

II Peter 1:3 tells us that: “According

To His divine power …”

One day, the saved will realize the grace of God to its fullest: Revelation 22:1

Your part: To believe it     To receive it   To apply it to yourself = to do it.

Matthew 27:22,  Pilate asks a very pertinent question, even for today: “What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ?”

What will YOU do with Jesus? Will you receive Him as your Saviour?

If you are already saved, will you live your life for Jesus?

If not, on either of these questions, “Why not?”

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